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Shipyaari.com is part of avnbiz.in and our goal is to provide eCommerce companies with solutions that fuel your business growth! Our investments in Technology & Partnerships ensure that your eCommerce business can focus on: • Offering enhanced buying experience to consumers • Improve your CoD deliveries ratios • Reduce cancellations & returns Our personal experience with e-commerce and retail has enabled us to fill the major gaps in today's logistics landscape. Some of our best to-date feature launches have earned accolades for small & large customers in terms of revenue growth, increased customer satisfaction and retention. Businesses thrive when customers are serviceable and in-time. For more details, visit at https://shipyaari.com

Providing Technology Enabled Logistics Solutions to Let Your Business Grow

Pune, Maharashtra, India., November 7, 2015 – (PressReleasePoint) -Logistics often are problematic part of e-commerce delivery services. Yet, logistics are an indispensable part of any e-commerce brand. The logistics can be particularly problematic for a fresh startup which may not be aware of the industry norms and best practices. Alternately, for a brick and mortar store which may be venturing into e-commerce arena, logistics can pose to be a problematic issue. Some problems that any e-commerce company is sure to face in this regard include figuring out the most suited courier company for delivery to a particular location, and finding the most economical deal for the shipping. Similarly, figuring out a reliable shipping partner, managing product returns and even managing CoD payments are the problems normally faced by e commerce brands.

Logistics often consume a certain number of man hours for any brand. And if the best deals are not selected, a brand often ends up paying more for logistics than it otherwise would. Similarly, checking out with multiple service providers if they service a particular location is problematic. In general, finding out the best courier service for a particular shipment is challenging. In certain scenarios, an ecommerce brand may even come to realize that they are finding it difficult to track the order. And in case of a delay of any sort, they might find it difficult to get in touch with a courier service provider, or entertain a consumer’s queries.

Technology Enabled Logistics Solutions

Shipyaari specializes in providing technology enabled logistics solutions. And there are a host of advantages that one gets as a brand by putting the technology enabled logistics solutions to use.

1. The logistics services are all integrated. If one registers with Shipyaari as a logistics service provider, one need not have to worry about choosing the best shipping partner.
Shipyaari has tie ups with multiple courier companies, and when a customer places an order at an ecommerce vendor’s website, either Shipyaari figures out the best shipping partner for the client (ecommerce vendor). Or the client may choose to go for the best suited shipping partner (Courier Company) for itself.

So instead of managing the logistics, all the client would be required to do is paste the tracking Id, which is generated on the API provided by shipyaari, on to the package, and hand over the package to the pickup guy.

2. A client can track the status of the order at any time using the smart API

3. A client may even configure the API, such that the consumer can track the status of the order.

Alternately, by putting the smart API to use, a client brand could get some detailed insights about its business. A client could generate reports, specific to a location, timewise or a report that lists entire shipments. This would provide an easy insight into the trends in the marketplace, and further act towards defining strategies, like maybe advertising plans for the client organization.

With all the information available to the client at the click of a button, the brand need not have to worry about extended interaction over the phone with multiple vendors. As an example, a client could easily figure out the delivery pin codes available, which would aid in further easing the decision making process for delivery of goods. Similarly, a client could easily use the API to add consignments in bulk; even manage the accounts with ease, by using the smart API, which provides solutions for the accounting needs.

As a result, with Shipyaari as a partner in growth, a client ensures a hassle free delivery process. The client saves on time and tasks like managing returns or CoD payments are no longer problematic. Similarly the client saves on money by making sure that the organization always uses the most economical service provider. Timely delivery and a wider coverage area ensures a higher customer satisfaction rate, better customer retention and simply lets an e-commerce brand grow.

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